New Zealanders are great fans of Pokies, a traditional and colloquial way to call slots. This game is one of the most popular in the whole world because it is entirely by chance and in order to get entertainment. As for Pokies, there are several types, with different bonus range, number of rollers or paylines.

Evidently, with such popularity, was transferred to digital platforms. Currently, there are several websites dedicated to virtual Pokies, which are generating a great boom in the whole world. So, with this virtual way of playing the slots, strategies and a whole repertoire of information have been created for the purpose and benefit of this practice.

These tips or conditions to play online pokies​ will be divided into seven, short and simple so that each fan can make the most of his time and get some money.

First, players must establish their budget. Slots are part of the gambling that generates more adrenaline, due to the game methodology, the ease of payment and the little strategy that each game requires.

In this sense, to avoid losses or overflow a bit with the money that is spent on the Pokies, each person must define the money they intend to spend, considering all the extra capital, profit, and avoid at all costs the loss of liquidity.

Following the line of thought that involves finances, one tip to play slots is to use money that is not destined for other expenses.  Thirdly, and as part of the game methodology, it is recommended not to spend or increase bets while losing, believing that it can improve the chances of winning.

Many people who play slots have the misconception that they will get alternate winnings. For that reason, when they go into a losing streak, they consider it ideal to continue playing for a “big prize”. However, the calculations that handle this game can act for or against any player, mediating then only chance. Hence, that it becomes a destructive mania to pursue losses, a fatal error and without meaning.

On the other hand, for players, there is always a high range of options within the web to play Pokies. Of course, there are some that will be preferred over the others. However, maintaining a variety of alternatives to play slots is another tip to extend the gain and spend more fun moments.

In this regard, it is necessary to know the software and the developers who are responsible for designing these games in the best and most fruitful way possible. Among these, we can mention IGT, Aristocrat, Ainsworth, NetEn, Microgaming, and Playtech.

Another recommendation to play Pokies online is nothing more and nothing less than take advantage of the bonuses determined within each software and from which you can make a greater profit or recover a little money that has been lost. In that sense, the bonuses include prizes, extra shots, double the amount that has been obtained or, in very particular cases, get the pot -or jackpots.


Name the movements

The world has ways of calling everything, and Poker online are no exception. Knowing the most basic nomenclatures of this game will also help to give a little more meaning to each game and take advantage of it as much as possible without the player feeling lost.

For that reason, these are the ways to call the movements as soon as the slots are played:

  • Double up: The preferred of the players, because it allows duplicating the gains that have accumulated during each game session.
  • Jackpot: The highest gain and the least common. There are those who play for hours waiting to fall in this play.
  • Cardies: this is how the games of poker have been called for a long time, both for those who are spread out in the casino, extending to the virtual ones.
  • Multiplier: your name is obvious. With this option, the player can double his profit to double, triple or even quadruple.
  • Payments table: they do nothing more than showing the situation of games for each player and, of course, the amount of money accumulated during the game.
  • Reels: these are the lines that move when the player presses the button.
  • Wild Stacking: This movement occurs when the jokers accumulate one after the other, creating, in most cases, juicier possibilities to win.

Final considerations

Online Pokies will continue to gain ground as time goes by. The reasons for installing an application instead of going to a casino can be more reasonable for some people than for others.

However, knowing the secrets and strategies that can help improve the playing conditions is and will always be a necessary help.