Imagine sitting in a dull meeting at work, and the guy in front of is playing mobile poker on his phone. Then he places real money bets and wins some cash. Online casinos want to encourage mobile betting.

A mobile phone is an excellent device for gambling. You can gamble from your mobile phone while driving to work, during lunch breaks, or while you sleep at night. They also allow you to do it anywhere there is an internet connection. People will soon realize they don’t need to travel to watch the horse races and other sporting events. Instead, they can place bets on their mobile phones conveniently and quickly. Mobile gambling is expected to change the gambling industry and revolutionize online gambling.

Juniper, a research company, claims that mobile casino gambling is highly likely and is in good shape. According to Juniper, the annual wagering on mobile casinos, lottery, and sports betting will reach $48 billion by 2015.

Nearly 15% of all trade in Europe is currently being done through mobile casino games like slots, mobile poker, and blackjack. Many of the biggest online casinos offer mobile gambling to customers. It is expected that other online casinos will soon follow suit. Mobile casino gambling is the new trend. Online casinos were once the talk of the town.

But will everyone embrace mobile gambling? It may seem too easy to gamble with hard-earned cash when readily available. We may have to accept that gambling online is not yet commonplace. Online casinos offer the same excitement and thrill as a real casino. The graphics are also higher quality, making it more realistic than if you were playing on a smartphone.

Mobile gambling is growing in popularity, but most people are happy with the current online gambling options.