Soccer betting

Are there “kangtao” (sure-win tips)?

Many people debate the issue of “kangtao,” or sure-win tips. There are very few. It is a sure-win, but why does it fail us? This so-called kangtao can be misleading information released by smaller bookmakers to balance their books.EPL match Arsenal against Chelsea saw many people take arsenal, resulting in an imbalance in the amount bet on Chelsea. Smaller bookmakers have no place to dump these excessive bets, so they release the “kangtao” to tempt ignorant punters to put money on Chelsea.

Why is there so many “kangtao” or sure-win sales tips?

I was baffled as to why anyone would give away tips that were sure wins at such a low rate when they could make 10 thousand with them themselves. You would be able to imagine yourself in his shoes. There are many opportunities in soccer betting. I would admit that there are some advantages, but to call them “higher chances for winning” is an exaggerated statement. Unless you are one of the bribed vital players and critical officials, losing is always possible.

Live matches

Live matches often feature two strong teams facing each other. They are more likely to be broadcast around the globe. Why? This is because many people enjoy betting on sports they can watch live, especially recreation punters who get a kick watching their favorite team play. It also helps that big-time soccer punters often bet between 30K and 50K per match. The Jalan or live betting bet and the half-time wager makes it more exciting and offer more punter options. These matches are where the bookies make a lot of money by fixing and vigor rushing the game. I advise new punters to focus less on live matches and non-telecast matches. Why? The bookmakers didn’t mind giving the fresh punters food as they knew that eventually, the money would come back to them due to the human nature of GREED.

How can you tell if a Bookmaker/runner trusts you?

Because it takes time to distinguish, it can be difficult to tell the difference. Common signs include setting a minimum bet of $5k or higher. If the person you are betting on is not someone you have known for a long time, and you feel you can trust him, chances are that he will disappear when you win. Bookie ran away or was arrested, two common excuses. A common sign is that they only allow punters to wager on a few matches. If he is a bookmaker, why would he limit the number of games he opens for punters to bet on? There are likely to be only a few matches that he is comfortable with, and he would take any bet that is not his favorite.

Is the bookmaker losing money?

A.N.S.:Yes, there are times when it is necessary but not often. While bookmakers may lose money if the strong team wins the tournament, such as euro2000, this is a short-term loss. As long as there are soccer matches, they will continue to win the money of soccer punters. Why? Because there will be many opinions from different soccer punters. However, the vigorish/water cash alone can cover their losses. This excludes fixed matches where they win more. They also know that gamblers all have weaknesses. They place bigger bets when they win and make bigger bets to try and recover their losses when they lose. It is always to the advantage of the bookmakers in either case.

Contrary to what many believe, they are winning their friends’ money, not the bookmakers. You can’t bet on the bookmaker/bookies and share a portion of their profits.

Is soccer betting a gamble?

It all depends on how long you have been betting. If you have $5k to bet and want to make $35k in 2 weeks, that is luck. Asian handicap has a 50/50 chance of winning. This is possible for anyone new to soccer betting, daring, and lucky enough to do. It takes patience and skills over the long term. To win $35k, it took three bets. Lady luck could not smile on you every day.

Do I need to learn all about the soccer team, players’ statistics, and how that helps me play better soccer?

The answer is no because the bookmakers make their money in the soccer betting arena. Soccer magazine editors drive big cars and live in huge houses. If you know every detail about soccer and could make a fortune, then all soccer writers would be rich.


Casinos use common tricks and techniques. The casino is designed to feel right at home from the moment you step in. Some even offer free food or drinks. They are targeting people in their late 50s and 60s, who often have pension funds. They want to get you to spend more time at the casino and increase your chances of winning.

What are the most lucrative games used by casinos to make big bucks?

(1) jackpot / progressive jackpot

(2) Caribbean stud

(3) Roulette

(4) sic bo, big/small

Can we beat the jackpot?

Yes. It is easy to do this: Once you are in a jackpot area, don’t immediately play. Instead, walk around and look for loose machines. Machines that pay less often are called flexible machines. They are usually located near the entrance or in areas with a lot of traffic. This allows people to win $$.They can be found near the elevator or stairs. The casino management made a clever move. You should keep track of the machines that pay more frequently if you plan on frequenting the casino. The serial number is located at the tip of each machine. Once you have found it, move on to the next machine. It is your turn to play. LISTEN CAREFULLY to the sound of coins when you slot it in. There are usually three scenarios.

1st scenario

You slot it in and hear the coin flip at the bottom. This means that the previous player has won the money. Take the necessary action and leave the machine alone.

Second scenario

You will hear a faint click as you insert the coin. To confirm, you will listen to another soft click. The sound will be almost instantaneous as the coins are filled to the brim. The machine is almost complete, and it’s about time the coins are thrown out. Necessary action – Max bet.

3rd scenario

You will attend a click sound when you insert it, but not immediately. You can gauge how complete the machine is by the time it takes to listen to the clinking sound. Half-fed

You bet small on the required actions.


Is Caribbean stud suitable for me?

This game was created to win money from gamblers. After you had been dealt five cards, you could decide to increase or decrease your stake. After you have finished looking at your cards, you will likely fold if there are no pairs. You can double your stake if there isn’t. The banker will only pay the initial stake if you have a strong hand, such as 4 of a type. This is due to the casino edge. I recommend that you skip this game if this is something you are looking to do to increase your income.

Is it possible to make a living from the casino?

Answer: Yes, but it can be tiring because of the time spent traveling to and from the casino. Many believe professional gamblers don’t bet ample to make big money. Pros bet small. The key to consistency is self-discipline. They bring only a portion of their bankroll, and if they are not happy with the outcome, they will return to the bank to make another bet. It works the same way as soccer betting.

Can a professional beat blackjack?

Answer: Yes, it can. You have a group of people betting at the same tables. They are the most important. He decides which card the banker will receive. This is a well-known game where you can make a living by learning card counting skills. However, the casino counters that by repeatedly shuffling and removing high cards (the 10, J, Q.K.A.) from the deck before placing them in the shoes. Casinos also employ staff that acts as regular gamblers and sits at the last table. It made it more difficult for card counters to do their job.

Online casino games, can we make money?

Ans. Yes, you could, but not very much. Online casino games allow you to win initially, increasing your chances. Some online casino games even allow you to start winning as soon as your first bet is placed. They often offer high deposit cash bonuses such as a $100 deposit bonus and a $300 cash bonus. Avoid at all costs.

Are there any online poker games that can make you money?

Online poker games are top-rated nowadays, offering interactivity between players. Although it seems fair, be careful when betting with real money. There are always hustlers around the corner. They increase the stakes so that you don’t have any choice but to follow them to see the next card. If you get j pairs or higher, you will likely lose. Their odds of winning against you are as high as your own. These rules apply to games such as mahjong and big 2s.

Tips for playing TaiDi’s and Big 2s

The game usually starts with four people playing cards, each being dealt 13 cards. People typically arrange their cards in pairs or sequences of five cards. When dealing with cards, don’t arrange them one by one. Instead, observe your opponents and see what strategies they use in five cards or pairs. After watching, you can learn to grab cards from your hand and throw them when it is your turn. This will confuse your opponents because they won’t know if you are playing with pairs or five cards.

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