Some of the online games are designed in such manner if anyone tries to play that one they will never say it no because if we are talking about graphical interface to the end-user experience, that is a complete package to spend our time with those platforms. I know there are many games which awesomely played online but I want to tell one thing is that there is also one category which blows your mind and takes you to the awesome place where you find all that you desire.

This whole concept came into my mind after my personal experience so that I decided to share my story with all ones. The day one of my friends told me about online free slots and I won’t able to wait for a while and I quickly go through the search of online pokies where I found gladiators gold and when I saw the results are gladiators gold baseball which is why people may be like to save this for memories, Spartacus legends, sandals for girls and shoes which is designed for American, UK, and everywhere also available all over online India. After this amazing analysis I decided to play now with the same excitement and literally I enjoyed that so much and I shared my personal experience with all my buddies and they were also found this amazing too. In remember when I searched about this slot some people tries to hack this slot, this will shows high demand of this game. I am so much fascinated about this game and of course the name of this slot which is so much enthusiastic, next day I also found out the lyrics of this gladiator gold and enjoyed a lot. Overall, this was too awesome and I successfully transformed my spare time into valuable memories.

The Charm Slot and the Amulet

High 5 Games has developed The Amulet and the charm, an online slot machine or pokies machine. You are drawn into a magical and spellbinding world where good and evil seek the riches that amulets can provide. The bonuses that you can find on this journey are also impressive.

You can play five reels at once and have the opportunity to win multiple winning lines. There are 1, 10, 20, or 40 lines available. The graphics are excellent, as expected from an H5G slot game.

The Amulet & the Charm, like many state-of-the-art slot games, can be enjoyed on a wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones, iPhones, Macbooks, PCs, tablets, and iPads.

Feel the magic!

There’s a lot of magic, charm, and handsome and beautiful characters. There’s a villainous-looking guy and a beautiful, sultry woman for those drawn to the dark side. Good and evil fight it out in a rocky desert.


The game has many payout symbols, including our main characters, ruby and sapphire amulets, dragons, birds, and letters. Also, watch for the “wild” features that can be stacked and lead to massive wins.

All letters and animals pay five for three symbols, twenty for four characters, and 100 for five. The ruby and sapphire symbols pay five for three signs, fifty for four symbols, and 150 for five. Our sultry temptress, along with her evil cohort, pays 20 for three symbol symbols, 75 for four symbol symbols, and 250 for five symbols – while our protagonists spend 25 per three symbols, 100 each for four characters, and 400 for five symbols. Three wilds are 50 dollars, four wilds 200, and five wilds a staggering 1,000.

You can activate the “Free games” bonus feature by having free symbols appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. This will grant you seven free games. You can also get fantastic casino bonuses from many online casinos. These bonuses will let you play games like this without you having to wager any money.

The “Scatter Bucks Bonus feature” is activated when all lines and the bonus wager are played simultaneously. The Scatter Buck bonus starts at 25-100 on reel one and increases to 25-10,000 for reel 5.


The stakes options are made to appeal to all players and include 0.01, 0.0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 – up to 10.0This allows players to play only one line at 0.01, while high-rollers can have the complete thrill of 40 x 10.00.


The Amulet and the charm is not a traditional slot game, but it is still fun and easy to use. The wild and scatter symbols are great fun and can lead to big winnings. You can win in many ways thanks to the beautiful graphics.

Xmas cash slots

Christmas is here early. It’s all year long. Eyecon has become the new Santa for the places at Xmas Cash.

It’s all about big, brightly-decorated trees with multi-colored lights, a twinkling star, stockings full of presents, and a happy Rudolph and snowman. Even the most sour Scrooges are sure to feel the Christmas spirit when they play this game.

It’s optional to dress up as an Elf or decorate your home with fairy lights like in Stranger Things. The base $1,000 jackpot is not optional, nor are the multipliers and bonus features that can turn it into the prize everyone hopes to win. Find out if you’re on the nice or naughty list by reading below!

Making a list

The Xmas cash slot is a classic game with many details.

A 3×3 grid with white and gold frames will be placed behind the tree. It is adorned with symbols that would make any child sitting on Santa’s lap squeal in delight. There are three reels, nine pay lines, and no bare spots.

The scatter symbols are what make the most money. There are two of them. The scatter symbols are two bells and a sprig holly. The other scatter symbol is a tree.

If you find three Scatter 1, then eight free games are activated. Any wins that occur during the different games have a multiplier. They can also be activated multiple times so that you can get stuck in a cycle of bonus games.Nice.Scatter 2 is the prize pick tile. It will give you three choices, and you only need to choose one. As in other Eyecon Games with similar tiles, you can find a hidden x111 bonus.

Checking it Twice

Betting with Xmas cash was challenging. It’s one of the most accessible control panels we’ve ever tested, and we’ve tried a lot. The ‘9 Lines Bet” pink widget contains all the pay lines and money information. This will include a slider for the number of pay lines and your stake. You can change the totals by sliding them up and down. The betting ranges are 0.10 to 5.00 credits.

The Auto toggle is also a simple system that allows you to tap the number of times you want to cycle through the options before selecting them again. You can select between 10, 15, 20, or 25.

If you are playing manually, you can keep clicking the spin button and wait for Christmas to come early.

You’re going to find out who is naughty or nice. Even though we sang a part of the Christmas song, this slot machine will not make you scream with joy. The slot machine is too primary, despite the use of every Xmas picture imaginable. The payout could be better, so using the money for holidays is better than retirement.

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